Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Scheme of Railway Photo Identity Card for online concessional ticket booking for Persons with Disabilities

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As you all are aware, the Indian Railways is implementing  a scheme of Photo Identity Cards to persons with disabilities to enable them to avail concessions in train tickets in a hassle-free manner. Earlier it was being tested as a pilot project only in Northern Region, however, now the Railways has decided to replicate it throughout nation.

Here is the notification by Indian Railways : Concession based ticketing for PH based on Photo I-Card

The photo I-card can be used to book concessional tickets through both ticket counters as well as through the Internet. The card with a unique ID number will have to be carried during journey and produced for onboard verification.

Till now, a person with disabilities used to fill the concession form and produce all relevant documents at the ticket reservation counter to avail the concession in train tickets and there were several complaints from stakeholders who were demanding a hassle-free system.

In the new system, persons with disabilities will have to approach the nearest Divisional Railway Manager office along with all the relevant documents in original claiming concession and passport size photograph for issuing photo identity card. The persons with disabilities will also be required to provide a mobile number for communication while applying for the card, said a senior official.

After due verification by the concerned zonal railways, a photo identity card will be printed containing a unique ID. An automated SMS will be sent to the passenger on given mobile number to collect the card showing the original concession certificate.

After getting the card, the person is not required to fill any concessional form to avail the facility at the counter. Tickets can also be booked on the internet using the ID number printed on the card. The validity of the card will be for five years or the last date up to which concession certificate is valid.

For obtaining the Rail Identify Card for persons with disabilities for online reservation on IRCTC website, following documents are required to be submitted to the nearest DRM Office :-

(a) Written application requesting the ID card for online ticket booking through IRCTC  (Click here for a copy of the application )
(b) Copies of medical board certificate,
(c) Latest concession certificate,
(d) Mark list of Class 10 showing date of birth or other valid proof for date of birth
(e) Aadhar card or election ID for Proof of Address
(f) 3 Passport size photographs


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