Accessibility policy

Accessibility conformance statement of
Our website has been designed and developed considering the needs of diversity of users particularly, people with disabilities. This includes people with impairments of vision, hearing, mobility and cognition. In order to ensure that content is accessible we aimed to meet the WCAG 2.0 standard level AA when developing this website. 

WCAG is a technical standard published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) that guides page authors and site designers to construct an accessible website.

Image alt text and accessibility

We only use alt text where an image conveys essential information for the meaning of the webpage; for example a diagram showing statistical figures. Where an image is purely decorative, we don't use alt text as this is superfluous information and extra “noise” that distracts from essential information on a page when a screen reader is being used.

Testing this website

We try our best to ensure we test our website with a range of technologies. However,  it may be difficult to commit to testing every browser version with every version of assistive technology, nor to testing on every operating system version or mobile handset type. If you have questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this website, please do reach out to us.

Reporting a web accessibility issue

We are always working to make improvements to the accessibility and usability of the website. If you have any comments and or suggestions about our website or if you experience any accessibility issues while using our website,   please do make us aware by reaching out to us by an email to subhashvashishth(at)gmail(dot)com.