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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Leading International Disability Organisation portrays India without J&K!

Dear Friends,
I am shocked to see the attitude of a leading UK based deveopmental organisation called ADD having its branch office in India. I happened to visit its website and I couldn't believe what I saw. It shows an Indian Map minus its head i.e. J&K.

Is this justified by any means ? Should an organisation of such a stature stoop so low? Doesn't this hit us so harshly at our hearts? Can an Indian tolerate this?

May be whole sector need to react. Its on us. What do we want - our integrity and sovereignity or charity cum developmental work at its cost from an offshore organisation. I can not believe that is by mistake. It is purposeful and needs to be rejected and refused. We do not want such organisations to function in India if they do not agree to the stand taken by we the people of Republic of India and its elected Government.

Need your support! I wrote the following mail to its new Director Mr. Sebastian.

Dr. Sebastian
Director- ADD
4005, 19th Cross,
Banashankari II Stage Extn,
Bangalore 560 070, India

Dear Mr. Sebastian,

This refers to our telephonic discussion a while ago on the subject.

As I said I am deeply pained that an international developmental organisation of this stature especially working in India has such flaws on its website which no Indian would tolerate.

I strongly object to portrayal of Indian Map in its present form i.e. without J&K. This relates to the integrity and sovereignity of the nation.

I appreciate that you have joined recently and would take time to understand the official work related to the important post that you fill but this matter must be immediately dealt with before it blows up in ugly proportion!

My good wishes to you on joining this august organisation as its Director and hope we have a continuous dialogue on many common areas in disability sector.

Warm regards
Subhash Chandra Vashishth
Advocate-Disability Rights,
New Delhi, India
Mobile: +91 (11)