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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Design Within Reach - Magazine - The Atlantic

Dear friends

I am amazed at the technology that can keep persons with disabilities on the technical rolls such as Architects ! And this makes more sense as Architects will learn to design not only for eyes but also for other senses - a design that benefits all and not only be visually appealing. The technology has made it possible for the Blind Architects to draw and appreciate the floor plans and elevations!

Have a look at this Article:

Design Within Reach

A blind architect relearns his craft.
ONE MORNING LAST FALL, Chris Downey, an architect, ran his long white cane across a pair of floor-tile samples spread out at his feet in the San Francisco office of an architecture firm, SmithGroup. Gathered around him, a handful of architects watched. They wanted to know which tile he preferred for a new rehabilitation center for the blind at the Veterans Administration hospital in Palo Alto. Downey looked up at Eric Meub, a vice president at the firm—not at him, exactly, just over his shoulder. “The one on the right is distinctive in either direction,” Downey said. “The other one has a preferred direction.” For a blind patient still learning to use a cane, that first tile would give more-predictable feedback.There was an awkward silence. The other architects looked at one another. Downey chuckled. “So you’re saying the one on the right is the one that doesn’t look so good,” he said, grinning.

...........detailed article at   Design Within Reach - Magazine - The Atlantic

Subhash Chandra Vashishth
Consultant -Diversity & Inclusive Environments