Monday, May 17, 2010

Quota in KV for children with Disabilities - Is it in line with Right to Education Act?

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I often wonder whether in light of the new Right to Education Act, there is any merit to keep quotas in school education for the children with disability! If free and compulsory education it is a fundamental right of every child including those with disability and there are more students seeking admission than the quota fixed of 3%, will the KVs refuse admission to such students.

The KV has still not come out properly on the admission of children with disabilities and unecessarily making news for free education of disabled and setting up a quota for disabled means no sense to us.

Here is the news coverage:

Quota in KVs to be above class strength

NEW DELHI: Reservation in Kendriya Vidyalaya schools will be over and above the strength of a class. This was decided by the board of governors of the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) on Friday.

In fact, the earlier policy was not to let the class strength get affected while giving reservation. But this was amended a few months ago bringing the quota seats within the class strength. However, this created problems for children of central government employees. Since these employees are often transferred, they have to look for admission for their kids in new schools.

There are 17 types of reservation in KVS schools. As per the restored system, reservation will be given to students over and above the existing strength of a class in a central school. According to this system, each class will have 40 seats. But another five students can be given admission under reserved category. The students given admission under reserved category will be above the normal strength.

"The reserved students will not eat away the seats for general category students. The reservation will be above the existing class strength," an HRD ministry official said.

KVS has also put in place a new transfer policy under which those teachers will be given priority for getting transfer if their spouses are working in the school of their choice.

The KVS has also decided to set up one disabled friendly school in each of its 18 regions. These schools will have all facilities to help physically challenged students get education. Besides, teachers of Sanskrit can now switch over to Hindi by appearing in certain examination. This will open up promotional avenues for them, the official said.

Source: Times of India, 15 May 2010

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  1. Sir thank you for this article on reservation for disabled.we have taken admission for my daughter who is disabled.we had to request for wheel chair,toilet facility n now we have been provided with it .but our main concern is who will take them for toilet bcoz I am working women.when told this in school the aayas who work there directly refuse on face saying they can't take my daughter to toilet.if teachers ask these aayas they get angry.wanted to know what all facilities a school must have for these special kids please in kendriya vidyalaya.wr can't let our children sit at home bcoz of this sir plz


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