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e-Courts begin in Delhi High court |

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So finally the Delhi High Court has implemented the much awaited E-Courts System which will  pave ways for inclusion of persons with visual impairment as lawyers and judges. Justice Bhatt has taken a lead in presiding the first e-court of India. He is a very learned and sensitive judge and has been behind many pathbreaking, rational and logical judgements on disability.

Subhash Chandra Vashishth, Advocate

e-Courts begin in Delhi High court

e-Courts begin in Delhi High court

It was started on an experimental basis in the court of Justice S Ravinder Bhatt

Published on 12/16/2009 - 09:53:32 AM

New Delhi: There were no bulky files on the table, only a sleek wide LCD screen and a touch-screen handbook for the judge as the Delhi High Court on Tuesday launched its first paperless court to bring about speedy justice.

In its first eco-friendly initiative, the e-court was started on an experimental basis in the court of Justice S Ravinder Bhatt.

The proceedings went off smoothly. Within two hours, around 18 cases were disposed off, which on a routine basis take a whole day.

The LCD panel was on the right side of the judge, while he used a touch-screen handbook. The lawyers had laptops to argue their cases. The records of the cases were digitised.

"The necessity of e-Courts has arisen due to the shortcomings of a paper-based system, like storage of documents, maintenance and wastage of a lot of paper," In-Charge of the e-Court committee Justice BD Ahmed said.

Emphasising the need for fast disposal of cases, he said e-Courts will function in a more organised manner and anyone across the world can access the case file.

The committee is also working to make the court proceedings be seen live on the website.

Initially the lawyers faced some hiccups in using the laptop and adjusting to the system. Most of them agreed that it was a good step.

With the help of e-Courts, warrants, court notices and other documents can be sent via e-mail to the party concerned or the post office concerned from where a service slip will be sent back confirming the receipt.

With the introduction of e-Courts, filing of cases will be much easier and lawyers will just have to submit a CD or DVD.

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