Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home delivery: Doctor at the door - a boon for Rural India

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Health is a state subject and States are independent to frame policy and create systems to provide health care to their citizens. However, the concept of Mobile Hospitals/Mobile Clinics can be successfully used in remote areas where the people have difficulties reaching the district hospitals located far away due to mobility impairments, inaccessible road or terrain or lack of proper public transportation.

This article on health in "Inspired India" provides a very constructive solution to the alarming issues of health, child mortality and pregnancy deaths. The mobile medical units can be really good ways to connect the rural India with the Health Map. And the estimates show that this would be far cheaper than creating permanent PHCs Buildings and posting nurses and doctors permanently who often do not wish to join and explore every opportunity to move away rather than stay there to serve people.

Often lack of medical facilities are the main causes that keep people away from their routes, especially the retired people who want to go back to their native villages and live peacefully in the less polluted and close to nature rural environment. But they are compelled to live in cities in the hope of better medical facilities. These mobile clinics can make a large difference to the lives of such people thereby reducing burden on city hospitals and also the burden on the city infrastructure.

Its for the states to react now. Its irony that even after a so many years after independence and given the pace of development in India, many Indian villages do not have electricity and basic civic facilities and where 53 per cent of all births are unattended. Need is to act smart and fast.

SC Vashishth
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Home delivery: Doctor at the door- Hindustan Times

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